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A little bit of heaven at the Thomas Centre

Last weekend we went on holiday to the most wonderful place. It’s called The Thomas Centre. It was the most relaxed 3 nights away we have had together as a family. It has 5* facilities – nothing unusual there – but it’s aimed at families or groups with autism, adhd, challenging behaviours or other complex needs. Right up our street then. And the most important thing is that it’s non-judgmental. Everyone is in the same boat so no fingers are pointed, no eyes are rolled.

We stayed in Andrew’s Lodge, a beautiful luxurious 2 bedroom detached bungalow. One of my favourite things about our stay was the patio at the back of the bungalow.

Patio              Lunch

It had wonderful open views and was quiet even with my pair out there playing. I had such a feeling of peace sitting there watching my girls bounce on the trampoline and play with bubbles. We were very lucky with the weather and even managed to have our lunch outside on Sunday. Not bad in March!

Kitten and Bunny loved everything about their stay. There was so much to do that we couldn’t do everything. They had great fun exploring the play area, the woods and the play barn!

IMG_0360   IMG_0369

Though perhaps our very favourite thing was the swimming pool. We had private use of the pool for an hour a day. As the girls can’t cope in normal busy swimming pools we never get the chance to go swimming together as a family. What a treat to get to swim twice over the weekend and to be able to relax and play happily on our own.

One memory I will take away with me is sitting with another mum in the play barn as her younger son and Bunny both had meltdowns at the same time. We sat together, not having to explain, united by our children’s behaviours and difficulties but not judged. As one of the owners, Richard, said to me, coming to The Thomas Centre means never having to say you are sorry.

As some of you know I have been having a pretty difficult time with both the girls. And I often feel anxious about our futures. But last weekend at The Thomas Centre I felt calm, I felt peaceful, I even felt a little bit of hope.

Worth every penny and we’ll be going back again soon God willing.