Is this the end?

We went to see my parents yesterday. My mum talked to me about the girls and told me if they end up going back into care over the next couple of weeks she will come to stay with me for as long as I need so I have support. And both my parents gave the girls special hugs as they said goodbye. My dad is a very traditional 80 yr old but as we drove off I looked back to see him gesturing to show he was still holding me in his arms.
Is this the end?

Is this the end?

At the time I was calm but I am sitting here sobbing now. I don’t want the girls to leave me, even temporarily. They will never forgive me, it will break them, it will break me. They are so little and they didn’t choose this, they didn’t choose to be the way they are. I don’t choose this either. I choose to have support for them and for us as a family. I choose for them to be given the therapy they need and we need as a family and for them to stay with me. This isn’t fair on the girls, on me, on my parents.
But this is where we are. Within a few weeks of my girls being placed in the specialised care placement they would need the LA will have spent many many times the cost of a year’s support from FF.  My solicitor is writing a letter to remind the LA of their statutory duties and to state that without them funding their FF therapy package the girls will imminently need to leave home. My paediatrician has already written saying the same thing.  I am writing to my MP  to update him this week but really we have no more options left.
And I am left asking how can this possibly be happening to us? 

7 thoughts on “Is this the end?

  1. Lisa W

    Please get in touch with me. I think your FF is Family Futures. We are just about to start therapy with them after a VERY long fight. I hope I can extend some hope. Lisa x

  2. Helen Oakwater

    I’m so sorry. This is not what you signed up for. The promises you were made by social services have been broken. The therapeutic input from real experts comes at a price, and what is offered by Family Futures fits your requirements. Was one of the best things we did. You have not failed your girls. The system has. Whatever the outcome, you changed their lives for the better. You tilted their life trajectory in a positive direction.
    Be gentle on yourself.

  3. Pauline


    Have you become a member of the ‘national association of therapeutic parents’. There’s lots of support and a Facebook page. Please join if you haven’t already xxxx


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