The quest for access to the ASF

We had an initial meeting with therapists at the beginning of March 2016 after which a series of recommendations were sent to me and my LA. In essence the report highlighted the high level of risk in our family due to the girls’ complex needs and the urgent need for intervention. The Post Adoption Support manager agreed that we should proceed with applying for funding from the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).

Since the end of March:

I have tried to ring over 25 times where the PAS manager’s phone has not been answered and there is no opportunity to leave a message.

I have sent 7 emails which remain unanswered.

I have managed to speak to him twice, both times where he evaded answering the one question I would like answer to:

‘have you applied to the ASF for our assessment funding?’  

The last time I spoke to him after 1 minute he said he would ring back in an hour. I’m still waiting 3 weeks later….

I recently read Rachel Wardell’s excellent blog post on the ADCS website Relationships, Relationships, Relationships in which she talks about how important relationships are in social work and emphasises the power of good communication with clients. It really struck a chord with me and you won’t be surprised to hear that I wholeheartedly agree.


As an adoptive parent I feel I am walking a tight rope when dealing with post adoption support. If I don’t keep trying to make contact then we won’t get the assessments we need and therapy will be delayed indefinitely. But if I annoy or upset him he can make things very difficult for us and even block access to the Adoption Support Fund. I’m finding it incredibly stressful trying to work out what the magic formula is.

I want to build a positive relationship with the PAS team for the benefit of my children.  I know they are extremely busy, underfunded and under pressure.

I have been full of empathy and understanding up to this point. I’m not some bitter adopter lashing out without thought or consideration against social workers.

I am a mum who needs help and support for her children NOW.

I’m shouting out for help for the girls and I’M NOT BEING HEARD


4 thoughts on “The quest for access to the ASF

  1. treemendouskids

    There’s nothing worse than silence. Just a few lines in an email to say they are on the case or what the hold up is, is common courtesy. I feel your frustration. Maybe today you’ll get the response… fingers crossed x

  2. adaptingtoadoption

    Can you go higher in the organisation? Contact your MP? Extreme, I know. It’s an unacceptable delay when the fund is exactly for people in this kind of need and does not come out the LA’s budget.

  3. Alice

    I am just beginning to negotiate my way through pas and so far I am similarly finding its a case of keep of trying to keep on their radar through emails and phone calls. It’s early days so I haven’t reached your frustration levels – yet!!! I do hope you got some sort of response soon!!! What I can’t get my head around is that I previously worked in public sector in under funded pressured environment and yet I would have been hauled over coals for not responding to phone calls / emails etc within certain time frames!!!


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