Where have all the appointments gone?!

I am in the middle of a run of zero appointments for the girls: 3 lovely weeks without a single appointment.  It really is a novelty for me, particularly because I work 3 days a week so my ‘free’ days are often chock-a-block with appointments for Kitten and Bunny.

I am trying to make good use of the time to get stuff done:

File some paper work. Is it only my girls who seem to attract endless piles of official letters, forms, etc?

Clear out some old toys. I would love to think I could make some much needed cash on EBay or FB selling these but I think time pressures mean they’ll go to charity instead.

Clear out some clothes. My wardrobe is full of unworn outfits and as I’m in my pjs by 7pm every night I think I can safely send many of these to the charity shop.

Start work on life story books. I haven’t received books for Kitten or Bunny but I did eventually get a disk of photos after much nagging. I already have the fab Joy Rees book ‘Life Story Books for Adopted Children; A Family Friendly Approach’ so I really have no excuse.

So those are my 4 aims for these 3 weeks. It doesn’t seem like much probably but I often feel tired and find getting on with practical things quite hard. I’m hoping that writing them here publically will force me to at least do some of them!


3 thoughts on “Where have all the appointments gone?!

  1. underbrella

    Oh goodness me, three weeks to do aaalllllll of that! Start worrying at three years and still not done .. Especially the life story books! And NO! It is not just your girls that’s attract endless piles of crap, I mean paperwork. I’m thinking of moving to accommodate the paper mountain here! 🙂 so recognise the surprise of appointment free weeks! Best wishes 🙂


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