Starting out…

Hi. Welcome to my blog about life with my two daughters Bunny and Kitten.

I’m Mama and my two girls are Bunny aged 4 and Kitten who is 6. They were placed for adoption with me as a single adopter 2 years ago.

Life is….interesting. Before I went into adoption I did a lot of reading, met a lot of adopters and had a good idea that raising adopted children was going to be a challenge for me. However I didn’t have a clue that things were going to turn out the way they have. The girls have different but very complex needs. Those are Camhs words not mine, but they sum up the situation very well. Both children are extremely difficult to parent as individuals. And together – well let’s just say it’s tricky! I am trying very hard to keep my girls safe and to keep us all together as a family.

Mama and Babies

This blog is my place to be honest. Here I hope I can admit how tough things are and how much I struggle some days every day. 2013 has been a big year for us. It was the year when I started to access professional support for our family. Probably the most important of these is getting Camhs involved in our family, initially for Kitten but more recently for Bunny. Sadly this has resulted in 10 months of work with Kitten which according to Camhs hasn’t made any impact on her. She now has a diagnosis of RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder). This was a huge shock and I’ll talk more about this in another blog as there is so much to say about my Kitten. Bunny has recently started an initial assessment with Camhs too. Camhs have also made referrals to their occupational therapy department for both girls. The waiting list is apparently a year long!

My worry about this blog is that it will be too negative. Many days I can’t find much positive to say. But maybe writing on here will give me an opportunity to take a step back and reflect a bit more. Only time will tell!


5 thoughts on “Starting out…

  1. thefamilyof5

    Welcome to the blogging world!

    I also worry that I blog too many negative things but if I’m honest, blogging about it helps me, it’s therapeutic i find! I will also admit to struggling to find positive things to write about, some times I have to really scrape the bottom of the barrel to find something ‘nice’ to say.

    Adoption is tough, it’s important people know that it’s not always a bed of roses!

    There are many blogs/bloggers over at, I’m sure they’d love you to link up with their ‘weekly adoption shout out’ aka #waso 🙂

    Look forward to following your journey 🙂

  2. adoptandkeepcalm

    Welcome to the world of blogging! I also think my blog is way too negative, but it is also realistic. I occasionally try to balance this with a mega positive post – not often though!
    I look forward to reading more!

  3. frogotter

    I think everyone needs a space to share the negative feelings. You can’t exactly share them with the children!
    Friends and family can find some stories a bit overwhelming (well, I find that mine can).
    Having a safe place to share your own feelings is a great idea. I hope it helps you to work through them.
    The reality of living with traumatised children can be exhausting and distressing. Anything that helps you keep calm has got to be a good thing!

  4. MoandBro

    Ditto all previous comments! Our little sis (7) is beginning sessions with Camhs this coming week – remaining hopeful of positive outcome some way down the line. Welcome to blogging, nice to read your post!

  5. honeymummy

    As others have a said Welcome to the world of blogging. Please do keep posting.
    Adoption comes with incredible challenges and there is nothing wrong with admitting that some days are tough. I have a nasty habit of worrying too much about the tone of my posts but they have always been received with positivity and support. Please do link up to The Adoption Social #waso


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